Health and Human Resources

JLARC is responsible for evaluating the programs and agencies within the Health and Human Resources (HHR) Secretariat on an ongoing basis. The General Assembly directed JLARC to assume this ongoing responsibility through language in the Appropriation Act. The HHR Secretariat accounts for about 30 percent of the state budget each year and includes major programs such as Medicaid, public mental health services, and services for at-risk children.  

Studies and analysis of HHR programs and agencies are directed by JLARC, in consultation with the Joint Subcommittee for Health and Human Resources Oversight. General Assembly members and their staff can email or for additional information.

Recent work

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Health insurance mandate review: Prosthetics

A review of how new coverage mandates would affect the state's health insurance systems and health outcomes for disabled Virginians. 

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Health insurance mandate review: Donated human breast milk

A review of the safety and efficacy of expanding the availability of pasteurized human breast milk for low birth weight infants in the hospital setting.

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Oversight of mental health parity

A review of Virginia's oversight of mental health parity in Virginia. 

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Medicaid expansion

Oversight of the implementation of Medicaid Expansion, including eligibility determination, readiness to implement community engagement requirements, access to care for newly enrolled members, and analysis of enrollment and spending.

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Review of the planning and early implementation of the System Transformation Excellence and Performance initiative to improve Virginia's public, community mental health system. 

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Review of the Children’s Services Act and Private Special Ed Day School Costs

A review of the quality and effectiveness of CSA services and the factors driving increasing program costs.  

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CSB funding models

Review of all current funding allocations to Community Services Boards and research on alternative funding models used in Virginia and other states.

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Health insurance mandates

JLARC staff evaluate proposed health insurance mandates in support of the Health Insurance Reform Commission.