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Recent reports

Operations and Performance of VDOE

A review of the agency's management, supervision and support of school divisions, and relationship with the Board of Education. (October 2020)

Update on VITA Transition to Multi-Supplier Model

An update on VITA's implementation of its multi-supplier service model to provide state IT services.  (October 2020)

Operations and Performance of SBSD

Report on the effectiveness of SBSD's certifications processes, business assistance, and small business financing programs. Report also examines Virginia's small business definition.  (September 2020)

Infrastructure and Regional Incentives

Report on the economic impact and effectiveness of Virginia's 10 incentives that promote infrastructure development and encourage business activity in distressed regions of the state.   (September 2020)

Virginia's Workers' Compensation System and Disease Presumptions

Review of the fairness and timeliness of Virginia's workers' compensation system and current and proposed disease presumptions for public safety workers (December 2019)

Operations and Performance of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

A review of the agency’s regulation of hunting and fishing, its conservation police force, and wildlife conservation activities. (December 2019)

Gaming in the Commonwealth

A review of factors to consider when expanding legalized gaming in the state, including other states’ casino laws and regulations, projected revenues and economic impacts, and expected impacts on Virginia’s existing forms of gaming  (November 2019)

Operations and Performance of the Office of the Attorney General

Report on the quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of Virginia's legal services   (November 2019)