REcently released studies

Higher Education Instructional Spending

Review of Academic Spending at Virginia's Public Higher Education Institutions

This is the third report in the series on higher education. It addresses the major drivers of instructional and research spending. (Dec. 2013)

Medicaid Rates

Impact of Medicaid Payment Policies on Access to Health Care in Virginia

This study provides an assessment of access to health care for Medicaid enrollees and if Medicaid policies impact access.  (Nov. 2013)

Disaster preparedness

Review of Disaster Preparedness Planning in Virginia

This study looks at ongoing planning and preparedness efforts with regard to homeland security and emergency management in Virginia. (Oct. 2013)

Virginia Port Authority

Review of the Virginia Port Authority's Competitiveness, Funding, and Governance

This study reviews the competitiveness, efficiency, and governance structure of the Port of Virginia. (Oct. 2013)

Higher Education Auxiliary Spending

Review of Non-Academic Services and Costs at Virginia's Public Four-Year Higher Education Institutions

Second in JLARC's higher education series, this study reviews the impact of non-academic activities on tuition and fees. (Sept. 2013)

Higher Education Trends

Trends in Higher Education Funding, Enrollment, and Student Costs

The first in a series of reports under HJR 108, this report reviews the factors affecting the cost efficiency of higher education operations. (June 2013)





In-Progress Studies









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