REcently released studies

Virginia's Workforce Development Programs

Study of the effectiveness of workforce development programs in meeting the needs of employers. Examines transparency of program expenditures and outcomes. (Dec. 2014)

Higher Education Instructional SpendingVirginia's Line of Duty Act

Review of the cost, structure, and administration of the Line of Duty Act. Identifies recommendations and options for improving the design and implementation of the program.  (Dec. 2014)

Higher Education

Addressing the Cost of Public Higher Education in Virginia

Fifth and final report in the series on higher education addresses cost efficiency and identifies options and recommendations for reducing costs. (Nov. 2014)

Higher Education Instructional Spending

Support Costs & Staffing at Virginia's Higher Education Institutions

Fourth report in the series on higher education addresses the major drivers of administrative and support spending. (Oct. 2014)

Higher Education Instructional Spending

Virginia's Information Technology Governance Structure

Overview of the state's IT governance structure including leadership responsibility, security audits, and procurement.  (Sept. 2014)

Medicaid Rates

Local Government and School Division Consolidation

Review of local government consolidations in Virginia, costs and savings for the state, and current consolidation policy. (Sept. 2014)



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