Recent reports


Operations and Performance of the Virginia Community College System

Report on the operations of the Virginia Community College System, with a focus on student success, community college affordability, and system efficiency
(September 2017) 


Management & Accountability of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Report on effectiveness of agency management, marketing and promotion, grant administration, and coordination (November 2016)

Water Resources

Effectiveness of Virginia’s Water Resource Planning & Management

Report on management of water sustainability through state, regional, and local water planning; state permitting; and water supply projects (October 2016)

State Contracts

Development & Management of State Contracts in Virginia

Report on the state contracting process, from procurement through contract administration, with a focus on maximizing value and minimizing risk to the state (June 2016)

Veterans Services

Operation & Performance of the Department of Veterans Services

Report on demographics and needs of Virginia’s veterans, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the state programs that serve veterans (December 2015)