REcently released studies

Higher Education Instructional Spending

Support Costs & Staffing at Virginia's Higher Education Institutions

Fourth report in the series on higher education addresses the major drivers of administrative and support spending. (Oct. 2014)

Higher Education Instructional SpendingVirginia's Information Technology Governance Structure

Overview of the state's IT governance structure including leadership responsibility, security audits, and procurement.  (Sept. 2014)

Medicaid Rates

Local Government and School Division Consolidation

Review of local government consolidations in Virginia, costs and savings for the state, and current consolidation policy.  (Sept. 2014)

Higher Education Instructional SpendingLow Performing Schools in Urban High Poverty Communities

Study reviews the performance of schools in urban high poverty communities, efforts to improve performance, and options for restructuring.  (June 2014)

Medicaid Rates

Size and Impact of Federal Spending in Virginia

This analysis of federal spending in Virginia includes grants, wages, and direct payments and how this revenue affects Virginia’s economy.  (June 2014)

Disaster preparednessReview of Academic Spending at Virginia's Public Higher Education Institutions

Third report in the series on higher education addresses the major drivers of instructional and research spending. (Dec. 2013)











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