Recent reports

State Contracts

Impact of Regulations on Virginia’s Manufacturing Sector

Update to JLARC's 2006 report – Impact of Regulations on Virginia’s Manufacturing Sector – with current cost estimates and comparisons, and a review of Virginia's regulatory changes over the past decade   (September 2016)


Development and Management of State Contracts in Virginia

Report on the state contracting process, from procurement through contract administration, with a focus on maximizing value and minimizing risk to the state  (June 2016)


Operation and Performance of the Department of Veterans Services

Report on the demographics and needs of Virginia’s veterans, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the state programs that serve veterans  (December 2015)


Eligibility Determination in Virginia’s Medicaid Program

Report on eligibility process (November 2015)

Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation

Report on performance and pricing (December 2015)


Efficiency and Effectiveness of K-12 Spending

Report on K-12 spending in Virginia: instruction, facilities, and transportation. Compares Virginia to other states and includes a chapter on virtual schools (September 2015)

Higher Education

Addressing the Cost of Public Higher Education in Virginia

Fifth and final report in the series on higher education addresses cost efficiency and identifies options and recommendations for reducing costs (November 2014)