Recent reports

Gaming in the Commonwealth

Report on the potential factors to consider when implementing various forms of legalized gaming in the state, and their projected impacts on localities and state revenues  (November 2019)

Operation and Performance of the Office of the Attorney General

Report on the quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness of Virginia's legal services   (November 2019)

VITA's Transition to a Multi-Supplier Service Model

Report on the current challenges and progress made in VITA's change to a multi-source contract environment for state IT services   (October 2019)

Operation and Performance of the Office of the State Inspector General

Report on the scope, adequacy, and effectiveness of OSIG's activities and responsibilities  (September 2019)

State Oversight of Local and Regional Jails

Report on the roles of the Department of Corrections and Board of Corrections in jail inspections and jail inmate death reviews (September 2019)

Implementation of STEP-VA

Report on the progress and challenges facing the initiative to improve the delivery of mental health and related services throughout the state  (June 2019)

Data Center and Manufacturing Incentives

Report on Virginia's economic development incentives designed to promote data center and manufacturing growth  (June 2019)

Improving Virginia’s Foster Care System

Report on the adequacy of services to children in foster care, and the  administration of the state's foster care and adoption systems (December 2018)