Recent reports

Operations and Performance of Virginia’s Department of Elections

Report on the state’s supervision and support of local election administration (September 2018)

Improving Virginia’s Early Childhood Development Programs

Report on the design and effectiveness of Virginia’s early  childhood development  programs  (December 2017)

Total Compensation for State Employees

Report on the competitiveness of Virginia’s employee compensation and its impact on addressing workforce recruitment and retention challenges (November 2017)

Operations and Performance of the Virginia Community College System

Report on the operations of the Virginia Community College System, with a focus on student success, community college affordability, and system efficiency
(September 2017) 

Development and Management of State Contracts

Report on the state contracting process, from procurement through contract administration, with a focus on maximizing value and minimizing risk to the state (June 2016)

Effectiveness of Virginia’s Water Resource Planning and Management

Report on management of water sustainability through state, regional, and local water planning; state permitting; and water supply projects (October 2016)