Recent reports

Review of VITA's Organizational Structure and Staffing

Report on whether the agency is organized and staffed effectively. (September 2021)

Trade and Transportation Incentives

Report on the economic impact and effectiveness of Virginia's incentives that promote transportation related activities.  (June 2021)

K-12 Special Education in Virginia

A review of Virginia's K-12 special education services and VDOE's supervision of special education. (December 2020)

Considerations for Marijuana Legalization

A review of policy recommendations and options to consider if the state  legalizes marijuana and establishes a regulated commercial market. (November 2020)

Review of the Children’s Services Act and Private Special Ed Day School Costs

A review of the quality and effectiveness of CSA services and the factors driving increasing program costs.  (November 2020)

Operations and Performance of the Virginia Department of Education

A review of the agency's management, supervision and support of school divisions, and relationship with the Board of Education. (October 2020)

Update on VITA Transition to Multi-Supplier Model

An update on VITA's implementation of its multi-supplier service model to provide state IT services.  (October 2020)

Operations and Performance of SBSD

Report on the effectiveness of SBSD's certifications processes, business assistance, and small business financing programs. Report also examines Virginia's small business definition.  (September 2020)