Health Insurance Mandates 

JLARC staff evaluate proposed health insurance mandates in support of the Health Insurance Reform Commission (Statutory authority ยงยง 30-58.1 and 30-344).

Date Report
Dec 2021 Evaluation of HB2669: Health Insurance Mandate Review: Prosthetics 
Dec 2021 Evaluation of HB2049 & SB1650: Health Insurance Mandate Review: Donated Human Breast Milk 
Nov 2020 Evaluation of Senate Bill 423: Mandated coverage of hearing aids for children and youth under the age of 19
Jan 2020 Evaluation of House Bill 2177: Mandated coverage of medically necessary formulas and enteral nutrition
Nov 2014 Evaluation of Senate Bill 866: Mandated coverage of enteral formulas for individuals with short bowel syndrome
Nov 2014 Evaluation of Senate Bill 867: Mandated coverage of low-protein foods prescribed for phenylketonuria treatment
Mar 2013 Evaluation of House Bill 1174: Mandated Offer of Insurance Plans Not Covering Induced Abortions Outside of Certain Exceptions
Mar 2013 Evaluation of Senate Bill 81: Mandated Coverage for General Anesthesia and Hospitalization for Pediatric Dental Procedures
Jun 2009 Evaluation of HB 2191 and SB 1458: Mandated Coverage of Telehealth Services
Jun 2009 Evaluation of HB 2337: Addendum to 2008 Evaluation of HB 615 and HB 669, Mandated Coverage of Amino-Acid Based Formulas
Oct 2008 Evaluation of SB 631: Mandated Coverage of Treatment for Infertility
Oct 2008 Evaluation of HB 237: Mandated Coverage of Hearing Aids for Children
Sep 2008 Evaluation of HB 83: Mandated Coverage of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sep 2008 Evaluation of HB 615 and HB 669: Mandated Coverage of Amino Acid-Based Formulas
Sep 2008 Evaluation of HB 667: Mandated Coverage of Alternatives to Surgery
Sep 2007 Evaluation of SB 931: Mandated Coverage of Prosthetic Devices
Sep 2007 Evaluation of SB 991 and HB 2426: Repeals of Mandated Offer for Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant or Stem Cell Transplant for Breast Cancer
Sep 2007 Evaluation of HB 2877: Mandated Coverage of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine
Jul 2007 Evaluation of House Bill 2156: Mandated Coverage of Second Opinions for Primary Malignant Brain Tumor Patients at NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers
Oct 2006 Evaluation of HB 1405: Mandated Coverage of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Specified Cancer Sites
Oct 2006 Evaluation of HB 657: Mandated Coverage of Habilitative Services for Children
Oct 2006 Evaluation of HB 623: Mandated Coverage for Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumors at NCI Cancer Centers