Virginia Information Technologies Agency Oversight

JLARC is responsible for oversight of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency through continuing language in the Appropriation Act. The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is an executive branch agency responsible for providing central information technology services and oversight to state agencies.  JLARC’s areas of review and evaluation include, but are not limited to:

  • VITA's infrastructure outsourcing contracts and any amendments thereto
  • Adequacy of VITA's planning and oversight responsibilities, including oversight of information technology projects, the security of governmental information, and state agency procurement activities
  • Cost-effectiveness and adequacy of VITA's procurement services

JLARC is required to perform special studies of VITA as requested by the General Assembly, the House Appropriations Committee, or the Senate Finance Committee.

The VITA chief information officer makes an annual presentation to JLARC.

Oversight documents

VITA’s presentations to the Commission

Dec 2018 – VITA status report
Sept 2018 – VITA status report
Jun 2018 – VITA status report
Sept 2017 – VITA status report
Sept 2016 – VITA status report
Jun 2016 – VITA status report
Nov 2015 – VITA status report
Sept 2014 – VITA status report
Sept 2013 – VITA status report
Sept 2012 – VITA status report