Reports by topic: Commerce, trade, and economic development

Commerce, trade, and economic development

Dec 2023 GO Virginia Program
Sept 2023 Business Location and Expansion Incentives
Dec 2022 Economic Development Incentives 2022
Oct 2022 Oversight and Administation of Gaming in the Commonwealth
June 2022 Science and Technology Incentives
Dec 2021 Affordable Housing in Virginia
Nov 2021 Economic Development Incentives 2021: Spending and Performance
Nov 2021 Operations and Performance of the Virginia Employment Commission
June 2021 Trade and Transportation Incentives
Dec 2020 Economic Development Incentives 2020: Spending and Performance
Nov 2020 Key Considerations for Marijuana Legalization
Sept 2020 Operations and Performance of the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
Sept 2020 Infrastructure and Regional Incentives
Dec 2019 Economic Development Incentives
Nov 2019 Gaming in the Commonwealth
June 2019 Data Center and Manufacturing Incentives
Dec 2018 Economic Development Incentives and Benefits
Oct 2018 Operations and Performance of DPOR
Jul 2018 Workforce and Small Business Incentives
Nov 2017 Evaluation: Film Incentives
Nov 2017 Economic Development Incentives
Nov 2016 Management and Accountability of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership
Sept 2016 Impact of Regulations on Virginia’s Manufacturing Sector
Dec 2014 Virginia's Workforce Development Programs
Oct 2013 Review of the Virginia Port Authority's Competitiveness, Funding, and Governance
Nov 2012 Review of State Economic Development Incentive Grants
Jun 2012 Review of Employee Misclassification in Virginia
Jun 2011 Review of the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission
Oct 2006 Impact of Regulations on Virginia's Manufacturing Sector
Nov 2006 Evaluation of Underground Electric Transmission Lines
Dec 2002 Review of Charitable Gaming Commission
Nov 2002 Review of Workforce Training in Virginia
Dec 2001 Review of Virginia's Small Business Development Center Program
Aug 2000 Final Report: Review of the Virginia Housing Development Authority
Jan 2000 Interim Report: Review of the Virginia Housing Development Authority
Dec 1999 Review of the Impact of State-Owned Ports on Local Governments 
Nov 1999 The Impact of Digital TV on Public Broadcasting in Virginia 
Feb 1998 Review of the Virginia Fair Housing Office 
Feb 1996 Minority-Owned Business Participation in State Contracts 
Dec 1992 Review Committee Report on the Performance and Potential of the Center for Innovative Technology 
Feb 1991 Catalog of Virginia's Economic Development Organizations and Programs 
Jan 1991 Review of Economic Development in Virginia 
Feb 1990 Review of the Virginia Department of Workers' Compensation 
Jan 1990 Interim Report: Economic Development in Virginia 
Aug 1988 Software Maintenance Contracts at the State Corporation Commission 
Jul 1988 Preliminary Review of State Corporation Commission Computer Procurements and Activities 
Dec 1986 Organization and Management Review of the State Corporation Commission 
Oct 1985 Final Report: The Virginia Housing Development Authority 
Feb 1985 Interim Progress Report: Review of The Virginia Housing Development Authority 
Jan 1983 The Economic Potential and Management of Virginia's Seafood Industry 
Dec 1982 The Occupational and Professional Regulatory System in Virginia 
May 1982 The CETA Program Administered by Virginia's Balance-of-State Prime Sponsor 
Jan 1982 Occupational and Professional Regulatory Boards in Virginia