Reports by topic: Public safety

Corrections: Adult

Nov 2023 Indigent Criminal Defense and Commonwealth's Attorneys
Sept 2019 State Oversight of Local and Regional Jails
Nov 2018 Spending on Inmate Health Care
Dec 1997 Review of DOC Nonsecurity Staffing & Inmate Programming Schedule 
Jan 1997 Review of the Department of Corrections' Inmate Telephone System 
Oct 1995 Funding Incentives for Reducing Jail Populations 
Oct 1995 Review of Jail Oversight and Reporting Activities 
Dec 1994 Oversight of Health and Safety Conditions in Local Jails 
Oct 1993 Review of Inmate Medical Care and DOC Management of Health Services 
Oct 1993 Evaluation of Inmate Mental Health Care 
Jan 1993 Interim Report: Review of Inmate Dental Care 
Jul 1991 Review of Virginia's Parole Process 
Dec 1986 Final Summary Report: Correctional Issues in Virginia 
Dec 1986 The Capital Outlay Planning Process and Prison Design in the Department of Corrections 
Dec 1986 Local Jail Capacity and Populations Forecast
Aug 1986 Staffing of Virginia's Adult Prisons and Field Units 
Feb 1986 Staff and Facility Utilization by the Department of Correctional Education 
Jul 1985 Security Staffing and Procedures in Virginia's Prisons 
Apr 1985 Virginia's Correctional System: Population Forecasting and Capacity (H.D. 36) 
Apr 1985 The Community Diversion Incentive Program of the Virginia Department of Corrections 
May 1984 Interim Report: Central and Regional Office Staffing in the Department of Corrections 


Corrections: Juvenile

Dec 2021 Virginia's Juvenile Justice System
Jan 2010 Special Report: Assessment of the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics Report on Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Correctional Centers
Jan 1997 The Operation and Impact of Juvenile Corrections Services in Virginia 
Dec 1995 Juvenile Delinquents and Status Offenders: Court Processing and Outcomes 


Public safety

Oct 2023 Enhanced retirement benefits for public safety occupations 
Dec 2014 Virginia's Line of Duty Act
Oct 2013 Review of Disaster Preparedness Planning in Virginia
Sep 2005 Review of Homeland Security Funding and Preparedness in Virginia
Nov 1999 Alternatives to Stabilize Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy Membership 
Dec 1998 Review of Regional Criminal Justice Training Academies 
Feb 1990 Technical Report: Statewide Staffing Standards for the Funding of Sheriffs