Archive: 2017 JLARC meetings

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December 11, 2017

Commission meeting (10:00 AM)Agenda | Minutes
Improving Virginia’s Early Childhood Development Programs
Report supplement — Inventory: Virginia’s Early Childhood Development Programs
VRS Oversight Report
State Spending on K-12 Standards of Quality: FY17

November 13, 2017 

Economic Development subcommittee (8:30 AM)Agenda | Minutes
Economic Development Incentives
Evaluation: Film Incentives
Update on implementation of VEDP reforms (by VEDP leadership)

Commission meeting Agenda | Minutes (10:00 AM)
Total Compensation for State Employees 
Economic Development Incentives 
Evaluation: Film Incentives 
Recommendations for Legislative Action 
Funded Status of Prepaid529 
Funded Status of Prepaid529 - discussion (by Virginia529 leadership)

October 10, 2017 

Commission meeting Agenda | Minutes
Study resolutions: Office of State Inspector General, Virginia Employment Commission,
Office of Attorney General, and Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Land Application of Biosolids and Industrial Residuals
State Spending: 2017 Update 

September 11, 2017

Study topic subcommitteeAgenda | Minutes
Study resolution: Rising Inmate Health Care Costs
Study resolution: Adoption and Foster Care

Commission meetingAgenda | Minutes
Operations and Performance of the Virginia Community College System
Report to the General Assembly: Follow-up on JLARC studies
Update on State’s IT Transition
VITA Update (by VITA leadership)

July 10, 2017

Study topic subcommittee Agenda | Minutes
Study resolution: Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation
Study resolution: Department of Elections

Commission meeting Agenda | Minutes
Prepaid529 Investment Management
Actuarial audit of Prepaid529 / Presentation slides
Virginia529 status report (by Virginia529 leadership)
VRS oversight report 
VRS status report (by VRS leadership)

May 8, 2017

Economic development subcommittee Agenda | Minutes
Incentives approved for evaluation in 2018
Incentives subject to JLARC evaluation — complete list, updated 

Commission meeting Agenda | Minutes
JLARC Director’s Report
2017 JLARC Workplan
Memo: Fiscal impact reviews 
Presentation — Auditor of Public Accounts
Annual Workplan — Auditor of Public Accounts

January 13, 2017 Agenda | Minutes
 Meeting to consider Commission resolution to study state employee compensation