VA529 College Savings Plan Oversight

JLARC is responsible for oversight of the Virginia College Savings Plan (Virginia College Savings Plan Oversight Act, §§ 30-330 through 30-335). The Virginia College Savings Plan (VA529) is an independent state agency responsible for administering college savings programs authorized by Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. JLARC’s areas of review and evaluation include, but are not limited to:

  • Structure and governance of the plan;
  • Structure of investment portfolios;
  • Investment practices, policies and performance;
  • Actuarial policy and the actuarial soundness of VA529’s prepaid tuition program; and
  • Administration and management of the plan.

JLARC staff produce biennial oversight reports on the status of VA529, oversee a quadrennial actuarial audit of VA529’s prepaid tuition program (“PrePAID”), and publish an informational guide to VA529 for members of the General Assembly. JLARC is also required to perform special studies of VA529 as requested by the General Assembly, the House Appropriations Committee, or the Senate Finance Committee.

The VA529 chief executive officer makes an annual presentation to JLARC.

Oversight documents

Nov 2017 – Funded Status of Prepaid529
July 2017 – Prepaid 529 Investment Management
July 2016 – VA529 Oversight Report (biennial)
July 2014 – VA529 Oversight Report (biennial)

Actuarial audits of VA529 (quadrennial)