JLARC staff

The Commission employs a full-time staff. The staff director is appointed by the Commission and confirmed by the General Assembly for a six-year term of office. Click for more contact information.

Hal E. Greer Director hgreer@jlarc.virginia.gov
Justin C. Brown Senior Associate Director jbrown@jlarc.virginia.gov
Tracey R. Smith Associate Director tsmith@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kimberly A. Sarte Associate Director for Ongoing Oversight and Fiscal Analysis ksarte@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kate Agnelli Senior Associate Legislative Analyst kagnelli@jlarc.virginia.gov
Lauren Axselle Principal Legislative Analyst for Ongoing Oversight and Fiscal Analysis laxselle@jlarc.virginia.gov  
Erik Beecroft, PhD Chief Methodologist ebeecroft@jlarc.virginia.gov
Sarah Berday-Sacks Senior Associate Legislative Analyst sberday-sacks@jlarc.virginia.gov
Jamie Bitz Chief Legislative Analyst, Project Leader jbitz@jlarc.virginia.gov
Danielle Childress Associate Legislative Analyst dchildress@jlarc.virginia.gov
Drew Dickinson Chief Legislative Analyst, Project Leader ddickinson@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kathleen DuVall Editor kduvall@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nick Galvin Senior Associate Legislative Analyst ngalvin@jlarc.virginia.gov
Maria Garnett Senior Associate Legislative Analyst mgarnett@jlarc.virginia.gov
Elizabeth Gibbs Business Manager egibbs@jlarc.virginia.gov
Mark Gribbin Principal Legislative Analyst, Project Leader mgribbin@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kate Hopkins Associate Legislative Analyst khopkins@jlarc.virginia.gov
Betsy Jackson Organizational and Research Support Assistant bjackson@jlarc.virginia.gov
Jeffrey Lunardi Chief Legislative Analyst, Project Leader jlunardi@jlarc.virginia.gov
Joseph McMahon Principal Legislative Analyst, Project Leader jmcmahon@jlarc.virginia.gov
Ellen Miller Chief Economic Development and Quantitative Analyst ejmiller@jlarc.virginia.gov
Ellie Rigsby Associate Legislative Analyst erigsby@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nathan Skreslet Information Graphics Designer nskreslet@jlarc.virginia.gov
Brittany Utz Associate Legislative Analyst blutz@jlarc.virginia.gov
Christine Wolfe Senior Legislative Analyst cwolfe@jlarc.virginia.gov