Resources for the 2023 session

Several JLARC resources may be useful for the legislative session: Legislative recommendations from recent reports, annual spending and comparison reports, and guides to the state retirement system and Virginia 529 college savings plan.

Virginia Compared to the Other States – 2021

How Virginia compares to other states in key metrics.


Session Services and other Resources


Fiscal Impact Reviews

Reviews of executive branch fiscal impact statements and executive orders that are referred to JLARC by General Assembly committee chairs.


Racial and Ethnic Impact Statements

Reviews of the potential impact on racial and ethnic disparities of proposed criminal justice legislation that are referred to JLARC by the chairs of the House Courts of Justice Committee or the Senate Judiciary Committee. 


Internal Service Fund Reports

Reports on the status of funds used to finance central services to state agencies.


State Spending
and K-12 SOQ Spending

Reports on state spending, spending on the K-12 Standards of Quality (SOQ), and special reports related to the state budget.

Legislator Guides