Hal E. Greer Director hgreer@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nathalie Molliet-Ribet Senior Associate Director nmolliet@jlarc.virginia.gov
Justin C. Brown Associate Director jbrown@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kimberly A. Sarte Assistant Director for Ongoing Oversight and Fiscal Analysis ksarte@jlarc.virginia.gov
Lauren W. Axselle Senior Associate Legislative Analyst laxselle@jlarc.virginia.gov
Erik Beecroft, PhD Chief Methodologist ebeecroft@jlarc.virginia.gov
Sarah A. Berday-Sacks Assistant Legislative Analyst sberday-sacks@jlarc.virginia.gov
Jamie S. Bitz Chief Legislative Analyst, Team Leader jbitz@jlarc.virginia.gov
Susan S. Bond Assistant Legislative Analyst sbond@jlarc.virginia.gov
Andrew B. Dickinson Senior Legislative Analyst, Team Leader ddickinson@jlarc.virginia.gov
Christopher J. Duncombe Senior Associate Legislative Analyst cduncombe@jlarc.virginia.gov
Kathleen DuVall Senior Legislative Analyst for Publications kduvall@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nicole K. Gaffen Senior Associate Legislative Analyst ngaffen@jlarc.virginia.gov
Mark R. Gribbin Principal Legislative Analyst for Ongoing Oversight and Fiscal Analysis mgribbin@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nia N. Harrison Senior Associate Legislative Analyst nharrison@jlarc.virginia.gov
Betsy M. Jackson Organizational and Research Support Assistant bjackson@jlarc.virginia.gov
Matt C. Johnson Senior Associate Legislative Analyst mjohnson@jlarc.virginia.gov
Paula C. Lambert Section Manager for Fiscal and Administrative Services &
Senior Legislative Analyst
Jeffrey S. Lunardi Principal Legislative Analyst, Team Leader jlunardi@jlarc.virginia.gov
Liana M. Major Associate Legislative Analyst lmajor@jlarc.virginia.gov
Bridget E. Marcek Associate Legislative Analyst bmarcek@jlarc.virginia.gov
Joseph M. McMahon Senior Legislative Analyst jmcmahon@jlarc.virginia.gov
Michael A. Mehen Associate Legislative Analyst mmehen@jlarc.virginia.gov
Ellen J. Miller Chief Legislative Analyst, Team Leader ejmiller@jlarc.virginia.gov
Gregory J. Rest, PhD Chief Methodologist grest@jlarc.virginia.gov
Elizabeth H. Singer Senior Legislative Analyst for Publications bsinger@jlarc.virginia.gov
Tracey R. Smith Chief Legislative Analyst, Team Leader tsmith@jlarc.virginia.gov
Nichelle S. Williams, PhD Assistant Legislative Analyst nwilliams@jlarc.virginia.gov
Christine D. Wolfe Senior Legislative Analyst cwolfe@jlarc.virginia.gov